Guide cancer care through our Digital Oncology platform made of a specialized oncology-EHR/CDS solution created BY and FOR cancer care professionals.






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About Us

OTAWA Health contributes to better management of cancer centers enabling a comprehensive and coordinated cancer care while collecting structured oncology Real-World Data for Real-World Evidence studies.

OTWonco uses individual diagnostics data to suggest clinical pathways, collects meaningful oncology data using FHIR HL7 for better patient safety and interoperability, and creates a rich oncology data set to foster and support clinical studies.

OTAWA Health was founded in Dec’2019 as a spin out of the IT team at Centro de Combate ao Câncer, one of the most respected and influential oncology clinics in Brazil since 1992.

Spin Out Company
Global Health Transformer Company
Connected Company
Winner "AI for COVID-19"
National Challenge


Multidisciplinary oncology health records for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists and psychologists.


Oncology specific Clinical Decision Support library with 300+ curated treatment protocols based on international guidelines, integrated with ICD-10, staging, molecular markers, and histological profile.


Streamlines cancer center operations by integrating patient management, scheduling, pharmacy inventory, financial transactions, and compliance into a unified system.



Real-World Data

OTAWA Health is at the forefront of data-driven oncology, leveraging advanced FHIR HL7 standards to generate high-quality, structured Real-World Data sets.

Our commitment to data integrity and interoperability enables us to foster and support impactful Real-World Evidence studies.

With oncology accounting for nearly 40% of all worldwide products from Phase I to regulatory submissions, the need for comprehensive and reliable Real-World Data has never been greater.

Main team

Paulo Gusmão CEO - Otawa Health

Cofounder, CEO

Paulo Gusmão

25+ years in software development
Former CIO at CCC – Centro de Combate ao Câncer
Bridge for Billions’ Mentor at HealthTech Hub Africa

Cofounder, CMO

Cid Gusmão, MD

35+ years as clinical oncologist
Founder of CCC – Centro de Combate ao Câncer
Master in Health Management – FGV
Ex-VP at Brazilian Society of Clinical Oncologists

Commercial Director

Henrique Pereira

25+ years in the healthcare sector
Commercial Director at CCC
Past: Hospital 9 de Julho, DASA, Aché.