In the intricate landscape of oncology, precision, collaboration, and comprehensive understanding are essential for delivering effective patient treatment and better outcomes.

OTAWA Health has created a Digital Oncology Platform to revolutionize cancer treatment centers.

OTWonco, OTWassist, and OTWclinic represent the pinnacle of digital oncology solutions, each playing a pivotal role in empowering oncology care teams to deliver unparalleled patient care. Meanwhile, OTWdata gathers all information into a single, centralized, FHIR HL7, and HIPAA-compliant structured database.

Our suite of modules integrates patient records, treatment protocols, and management systems, offering a seamless end-to-end solution that not only enhances the efficiency of care teams but also elevates the patient experience.

This integrated approach ensures that every decision is informed, every treatment plan is precise, and every patient journey is as smooth as possible.

OTWonco HER Oncologist



OTWonco stands out as a specialized, web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system designed exclusively for oncology, offering:

OTWonco empowers oncology care teams with the tools needed for precise diagnostics, personalized treatment, and seamless care coordination, setting a new standard in oncology care.
Clinical Decision Support Library with 300+ curated protocols based on ICD-10, staging, molecular markers, and histological profile.



OTWassist revolutionizes clinical decision-making in oncology with its advanced Clinical Decision Support module, offering:

OTWassist empowers oncology professionals with the tools to make informed, evidence-based decisions, enhancing the quality of care and patient outcomes. By providing access to a vast, up-to-date library of treatment protocols and allowing for customization, OTWassist ensures that every patient’s treatment plan is as precise and effective as possible.




OTWclinic revolutionizes the operational efficiency of cancer centers with its comprehensive Clinic Management System, designed to streamline and unify essential administrative tasks. Here’s the impact OTWclinic delivers:

OTWclinic is not just a tool but a cornerstone for cancer centers, enabling them to manage the complexities of operations seamlessly. The processing of nearly 1 billion Reais in healthcare invoices underscores the platform’s reliability and the trust it has earned within the healthcare community. By optimizing administrative and financial workflows, OTWclinic allows cancer centers to dedicate more focus and resources to what truly matters: patient care and treatment.

Join the future of oncology

For cancer centers striving to lead in the delivery of cutting-edge, patient-centered oncology care, our solutions offer the tools needed to succeed. Whether it’s managing complex health records with OTWonco, accessing evidence-based treatment protocols with OTWassist, coordinating care and resources with OTWclinic, our Digital Oncology platform ensures that cancer centers are equipped for the challenges of today and the innovations of tomorrow.