Market size and opportunity

Sources: IQVIA Institute 2022; DataSUS 2022; Global Cancer Observatory; Citeline; IQVIA Midas, IMF.

6th largest
Pharma market
8th largest
10th largest
USD 1,8T
New cancer cases per year
6th largest
Number of oncologists
3th largest
Participation in clinical studies
Data for global cancer studies

Despite its huge population, the amount of new cancer cases per year, and having the 3rd largest number of oncologists in the world, Brazil only ranks 19th in participation in clinical studies and contributes with only 2% of all data used in global oncology studies.

The two main reasons for such poor participation:
• Lack of specialized software to collect cancer data.
• Lack of high quality structured data sets for oncology.

Global Real-World Data necessity

Global expenditures in oncology will keep growing between 9% to 21% per year until 2026.

Across all therapy areas, oncology accounts for 47% of the next-generation biotherapeutic pipeline, highlighting a significant amount of research and promise to improve care for cancer patients.

The use of real-world evidence is increasingly part of regulatory submissions and already included in the approval decisions from the FDA.

Achieving racial and ethnic representation in clinical trials remains a challenge. With a highly heterogeneous population, data collected in Brazil has the potential to contribute relevant information towards clinical studies.