Centro de Combate ao Câncer and Seguros Unimed launch partnership in oncological care program.

Combining high-quality care, service design, technology, and a strong patient focus, the Cancer Combat Center innovates once again, this time in the development of an oncological care program for Seguros Unimed’s clients. The program, which is already underway, was officially presented on November 22, 2018, to the press at an event held at the insurer’s headquarters, and it was attended by Henrique Pereira, Commercial Director of the Cancer Combat Center.

The main difference of this program lies in the management of PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY to provide a truly integrated care model, 100% focused on the patient and the appropriate utilization of resources during cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The program is also innovative as it enables a high degree of predictability and resource management, contributing decisively to the economic sustainability of the sector by adopting new remuneration models.

Centro de Combate ao Câncer, OTAWA Health partner.



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