OTWonco: Oncology Care Management and Clinical Decision Support Platform

OTW Onco Care Management

Oncology is the branch of medicine related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Cancer is a generic term given to a set of more than 100 different diseases characterized by the abnormal growth of “damaged” cells in a region of the body, leading to the formation of a tumor, a compact mass made […]

OTAWA Health has been selected to compete in the UCSF Health Awards

UCSF Health Awards

The Artificial Intelligence solution for visual pattern detection for COVID-19 in chest X-rays by OTAWA Health has been selected to compete in the UCSF Health Awards, which is becoming the “Oscar” of healthcare, choosing only the finest among the best health tech products and technologies worldwide.   “OTAWA Health has been selected to compete in […]

Digital Health in South America

Faces Of Digital Health

This is the third episode of a short series about South America for Faces of Digital Health.  After a glimpse into Colombia with Javier Andres Cardona Mora, Argentina with Adrian Turjanski, Paulo Fernando Buarque de Gusmão talks about Brazil and OTWonco is a centralized multidisciplinary EHR combining predefined clinical pathways and protocols with TNM staging […]

Brazilian startups use artificial intelligence to diagnose Covid

A topic featured in blockbuster movies, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the focus of Brazilian startups aiming to contribute to the fight against Covid-19. In July, a call for proposals was issued by the São Paulo state government through the IdeiaGov program, seeking technological solutions utilizing AI algorithms to aid doctors in diagnosing the coronavirus […]

OTAWA Health was mentioned at HIS2020

His2020 - Health Care Innovation Show

OTAWA Health was mentioned at HIS2020 as an example of the use of Artificial Intelligence in X-ray images for COVID-19 detection:     “OTAWA Health is a startup incubated at the Cancer Combat Center (CCC). Comprising a team experienced in software development and guided by the multidisciplinary team at CCC, with a special focus on […]

Transforming Care Management in Brazil — A Family Affair

Transforming Care Management in Brazil

OTAWAhealth is revolutionizing cancer care in Brazil. The founders — the Gusmão brothers of Rio de Janeiro — want to take their care management platforms abroad.   Paulo, Sergio, and Dr. Cid Gusmão share more than a last name. The brothers share a vision for transforming cancer care in Brazil, and beyond. Based in São […]