CCC accredited by the Joint Commission International for the third consecutive time

The Cancer Combat Center, demonstrating its commitment to Quality and Safety in the services provided to patients, achieved its third recertification with the Joint Commission International (JCI) during an audit conducted between December 1st and 4th, 2020.

The continuous maintenance of this international health seal since 2014 makes it clear that Quality and Safety in oncological treatment are no longer goals to be achieved. They are imperatives already deeply rooted in the Organizational Culture of the Cancer Combat Center.

“Maintaining JCI accreditation confirms that the care provided to our patients is comparable to that of the best healthcare institutions in the world,” says Dr. Cid Gusmão, clinical oncologist, founder, and president of the Cancer Combat Center.

The achievement of this third JCI recertification fills us with pride. We extend our gratitude to our partners and, especially, to our group of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who spare no effort in caring for all our patients in the best possible way.

The Joint Commission International is an American organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality worldwide. Its high assessment standards focus on various aspects of healthcare, such as patient safety, professional staff qualifications, corporate governance, and information management.

The Cancer Combat Center is one of the leading oncological care centers in Brazil, operating with excellence for over 25 years. In 2009, CCC was Accredited with Excellence by ONA, the highest level of quality in healthcare in Brazil. In 2010, it became the first oncological treatment center in the world to receive the International Excellence certification from Accreditation Canada. In 2014, it was accredited by the Joint Commission International for the first time.

Centro de Combate ao Câncer, OTAWA Health partner.


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